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Management as well as marketers and brand managers are asking - if not demanding - insights on the returns of marketing investments. Guy Powell and Michiel van de Watering are working together for over a decade to assist organizations to get a grip on Marketing ROI.
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Marketing Machine

Marketing should be as simple as putting money into the marketing side of the machine and watching revenue spurt out the other side.
Find out the secrets to turning your marketing into a machine with this marketing guidebook.
But if your brand isn’t what you’d like it to be, if your consumer’s purchase cycle is complex or long lasting, or if your products and services don’t lend themselves to being purchased online, you already know it’s not that easy.

YES! Accountable Marketing

‘Yes! Marketing Accountability’ will assist you to evaluate and control the marketing performance in order to optimize the usage of your marketing budgets. It is not just a matter of reporting what has happened afterwards, but it has become necessary to have a clear estimate in advance of launching your marketing activities. As the ‘accountability of marketing’ is growing in popularity, you will find more books related to a certain part of this subject. In this book the author presents you a more holistic approach, from the ‘Why’, through the ‘How’ to the ‘What’. Throughout the chapters you will find examples and cases to illustrate practical value of the presented theory and concepts. This book shows sales people how their (better) cooperation with marketing will increase sales' results.
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