Plannuh's marketing plan template

Never too late to create your marketing plan for 2022!

Here is the Marketing Plan Template, an outline for your marketing plan that provides a comprehensive guide to help you build your marketing plan. It contains all the fundamental plan elements, definitions for a better understanding of the elements, and examples to help stimulate ideas. This easy, editable PowerPoint presentation contains your answers, the framework, and best practices to take with you..
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Masterclass Marketing Plan

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Too often marketing plans and business strategy are out of sync. This workshop is to review how to increase alignment and insert 'accountability'.
As shown in the graph we start with the business strategy, check how the company is organized and examine if marketing is running accordingly.

What's the masterclass about?

  • 1 workshop
  • Marketing Plan Review
  • Check for Measurement moments

Be an Accountable Marketer 

You will get an understanding of where in the marketing process you will be able to present the results and ROI.

Learning by doing

You will learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action and build your accountable marketing process.
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