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Accountability For Results Driven Marketing

From business owner to marketing manager and CEO,
we all agree that Marketing is ‘Key’ for a company’s
strategy. However this does not mean that your
marketing plan has a clear link with your company’s
business plan. We are all seeking to grow in three
  1. getting more customers; acquisition
  2. increasing their life time value; retention
  3. develop the share of wallet; up and cross selling

‘Yes! Marketing Accountability’ will assist you to evaluate and control 
the marketing performance in order to optimize the usage of your marketing budgets. It is not just a matter of reporting what has happened afterwards, but it has become necessary to have a clear estimate in advance of launching your marketing activities.
As the ‘accountability of marketing’ is growing in popularity, you will
find more books related to a certain part of this subject. In this book the author presents you a more holistic approach, from the ‘Why’, through the ‘How’ to the ‘What’. With this book you will be able to organize accountable marketing in your company profitably.

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10 Chapters

Introduction, Concept, Conclusion

Illustrative Cases

167 pages

On-boarding plan

10 steps to start now

Research & Practice

Based on Master's Thesis
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How is driving a tandem of horses related to Marketing Management? 
Let me explain in this short video...

Get your copy of 'YES! Accountable Marketing' now for $ 20, shipping and handling included.
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About the author

After graduating at The Hotelschool The Hague Michiel van de Watering started his career as product manager electronic banking at ABN AMRO Bank. A couple of years later he left as marketing manager Private Brokerage Services and became manager Internet Marketing at Fortis Investment Services. As the direct channels (call center and internet) got his attention he switched to VODW Marketing to develop and enroll as Sr eBusiness consultant internet marketing strategies for (Dutch) multi-nationals.
In 2004 he started his own business ‘Accountable Marketing BV’ to make sure that marketing strategies and activities are implemented in a way that the results will be measured to direct next steps. In 2009 Michiel completed his marketing thesis about ‘How to organize marketing accountability’ and graduated as ‘Master in Marketing Strategy.’ As a result of his research and assignments he published in 2012 his first book (in Dutch) ‘MarketingKassa’ which is best translated as ‘Marketing Cash Register.’ The meaning of this title is that marketers should be held accountable for the budget they spend and will have to proof their ROI’s at the ‘checkout.’
Besides the large companies he helped SME business owners to get rid of their so called ‘profit leakage’ as Thexton Armstrong personal business consultant. Marketing & Sales are one of the two major causes for ‘profit leakage’ most of the time because the business owners and their marketing teams lack the ability and drive to make their marketing and sales activities accountable.
In 2017 Michiel launched his new online business coaching services called ‘Accountable Marketing Expert.’ With this enterprise he coaches business owners, marketing managers and marketers how to deploy accountability along with their marketing strategies and activities.
After work he loves to ride horses and to drive his two-in-hand with his family and friends. The horses are the activities and Michiel keeps himself accountable for everything they do, so when it looks as if they are not running correctly he takes immediate action. His spouse and three daughters love to work with the horses too, so they have a lot of fun together.
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Get your copy of 'YES! Accountable Marketing' now
for $ 20, shipping and handling included.

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