Accountability for results driven marketing

Pre and Post ROI Course to increase your Marketing Effectiveness

After this 7 modules' course (+ free Bonus), you will understand the drivers for accountable marketing, how to do the ROI math, the information needed for this process and how to get it.
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the Accountable Marketing Cycle.
With this easy to follow training you will be able to install your own Pre and Post Marketing ROI process.

Are you seeking a way to prove and present Marketing's added value to your company's bottom line?

Are you upset by senior management reducing the marketing budget without changing the marketing goals and objectives? Would you like to change the way your marketing strategies are running? How well are you able to explain your colleagues what the ROI of social media activities is? What steps are you taking to optimize the ROI of events? Which KPI's do you use to measure the results in your funnels? By virtue of which drivers can you increase the appreciation of the marketing team? Let's talk about the way marketing is managed in your company and schedule a call.

Allow me to share a couple of my own experiences with you:

  • As a marketing manager I did have to change more than once the previously assigned marketing budget. Just because there had been a set back else where in the company. At that time I wish I had been able to present the management team what the implications for our strategies and goals are. It would have been great to relate this cut in the marketing budget to decreasing our objectives, based on accountable marketing history.
  • Another issue that I had to deal with, was an awesome opportunity for a campaign with an (almost) guaranteed success. My team and I came across an idea related to an event in the market and we should cash out this idea right now. However there was - at that moment - no marketing budget left to invest in this chance. It would have been great to present a Pre ROI exceeding the hurdle rate by far, based on accountable marketing history.

A Unique course to understand
Pre and Post Marketing ROI process
and improve your way of working.

To get a grip on the accountability of marketing of quit a challenge. This might take more time than you and your marketing colleagues like. Especially taking into account that in the mean while you are expected to run marketing campaigns and work on new ones. Let alone increasing the cooperation with other departments which is be one of the key success criteria to get accountable marketing going.
This brought me to the so called 'minimum viable outcome' of a way to prove and present marketing's added value to the bottom line: the Pre and Post ROI. ROI in itself is crucial to get the attention of your senior management, the CFO and CEO in particular. With over 20 years experience in different marketing roles, I have been working to build this model and put it successfully into operation for my clients. This process kills two birds with one stone: First the management gets the KPI for marketing they want and can compare with other investments. Second the marketer (do not mind the exact title) gets the KPI to claim (more) marketing budget.
With the Pre Post ROI process marketing creates a track record with ROI's that meets, exceeds or subceeds the hurdle rate (= minimum acceptable return %). This provides the marketing team and their (external) partners an insight on which activities worked out (very) good and which should be terminated or at least improved to be run again. Now marketing will change from 'cost' to 'profit center' gaining the appreciation by their colleagues, they deserve.
This course will bring you:
  • the drivers for accountability,
  • explain the advantages of measuring ROI for marketing campaigns,
  • the maths (no worries, it's easy peacy, lemon squizy) behind ROI,

  • the accountable marketing cycle
  • required information for the Pre and the Post ROI

  • a check list to start the process within your (marketing) organization

  • an app to do the analysis to show the differences in Pre and Post ROI 

Check out the Course Outline in detail here below, or schedule a call to discuss what your needs are. Looking for some FAQs?

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Frequently asked questions

1. Accountability of Marketing will kill the creativity of our team

On the contrary, I noticed that marketers get more room for creativity. By measuring and analyzing the results of their strategies, they find out that the (large) target audience can be divided in smaller groups with dedicated campaigns. So got, for instance, a strategy with four different campaigns a much better results than the 'one-off' campaign they were used to run.

2. It is way too difficult to measure the ROI of marketing

Well, think about the products and services of your company, are those easy to deliver? That's daily business and so can the accountability of marketing be. But yes, of course it will take effort, time and budget to create an accountable marketing process.

3. Will marketers be able to understand the financials?

In fact this can be a challenge for your marketing teams. In larger companies we suggest to ad a controller (still being accountable to the CFO) to your marketing team. This will increase credibility of the financial part of marketing plans and reports and this controller can assist and advise the marketers in the right administration of a campaign's costs and revenues. 

4. Is ROI the most important part of Marketing Accountability?

Actually it depends on how 'mature' your marketing in general and the level of accountability more in particular is. First you will define to measure what matters and ROI does not have to be the top priority. However 'in the end of the day' the ROI will tell you how profitable a campaign turned out. Hence, the outcome will help you to get budget for any following marketing strategies that you would like to initiate.

5. Is accountability of marketing only for the large(r) companies?

It certainly is not as SME will benefit from the insights of marketing ROI too. For (very) large companies the investments in branding and marketing campaigns are at such a level, that data based modeling becomes lucrative. However if your marketing budget is 50.000 or 5.000.000 which for both numbers can be 10 % of your revenue, it is still 10 % and increasing the ROI of this budget is required for both budgets.

6. In stead of investing in accountability, we prefer to invest in campaigns

That is a challenging issue and the answer is relatively simple: to invest in profitable marketing activities, you need to get insights on what activities bring profit to the table. These insights have to be based on an accountable marketing process which does not have to be very complicated nor expensive.

7. How large should our history of tracking our marketing campaign's results be?

The Chinese saying goes: The best moment to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best moment is today. So start collecting data about your campaign outcomes today. Do not hesitate to set goals for the funnel steps in your marketing strategy. You will start learning immediately by comparing your assumptions with the actual numbers. In this way you start to build your own 'model' and the differences between assumption and actual will decrease over time.

8. Is accountability only to be taken care of by the marketing team?

A very important part of changing your way of working in marketing, is cooperating with Sales, Finance and Service. Together we need to understand what type of customers are the most profitable ones for our company. By creating the buyer personas in cooperation with other departments, will lead to an increasing quality of leads and customer base.

9. How do I convince my senior management to invest time and budget in accountable marketing?

One thing that CEO's and CFO's understand very well is the ROI. They will reward your initiatives to create a marketing process that will prove and present marketing's added value to the company's bottom line. Therefore you can present a business case, stating the required investments to change the way marketing is managed and the increase in marketing effectiveness (marketing ROI) after the change. 

10. How will this course help me to increase marketing effectiveness?

The answer starts from the assumption that you either 1. do not know marketing's results or 2. when they are - somewhat - known they are not satisfying.
1. In order to increase any process in your company, you must understand the current situation. How well does the specific process supports your business goals? So, for marketing you need to know the results of your KPI's, like quality of leads, number of leads, incremental revenue related to a campaign. In this course you will learn where to collect the required information and how to interpreter the analysis.
2. When the results are more or less known, but not living up to your required outcomes, you would like to understand why and then what to change. Deploying the Pre and Post ROI process will show you where in your marketing & sales funnel the conversion ratio's are off. Once you know that, you will be able to monitor the results of any adjustments in order to enlarge what is good and change or stop what is not.

Is 'accountability' only for large companies?

With this easy to follow training you will be able to install your own Pre and Post Marketing ROI process. Wondering whether Accountable Marketing is just for large companies? Watch this short video where this question is discussed with Laura Patterson (VEM) and Guy Powell (ProRelevant).
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