Marketing Effectiveness Mastery Program

  • Author: Michiel
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: X hours
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Here is a short video featuring working with horses as metaphor on how to manage marketing strategies and teams. 

How to transform your marketing processes by implementing accountability?
This 3 months program has been developed to deploy accountable marketing in your way of working. We need to work with you at least three months to:
  1. Assess the current status of your marketing plan and alignment with the overall business plan
  2. Assess the marketing team and current way of working
  3. Explain and train the accountable marketing cycle
  4. Add the Pre and Post Marketing ROI process to your way of working
  5. Understand the current alignment of Marketing with other departments and the board
In the Third month we will decide together what is needed for your team to safeguard and/or further development of the accountability of marketing in your processes as well in the cooperation with other departments.
Would you rather pay in three installments of USD 5,000 a month? That's fine too and we will work that out by the end of our discovery session.
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Let's get to know each other and book this (free) discovery meeting.

In this meeting I would like to learn more about your company and the way the marketing function is organized. There are no right or wrong answers while exploring your current way of working. We both just need to understand whether starting the MEMP is a right fit for you (and your team).

Michiel van de Watering - MMS

Whatever they will call me, but it is all about you and your team.
Are you the Results Driven Marketing Leader looking for more appreciation and how to boost your career?
Looking forward to coaching you with the transformation of your marketing team and letting your company applause their added value to the bottom line.
About michiel van de watering - mms
Michiel started his company 'Accountable Marketing BV' back in 2004 as he wanted increase the status of Marketers - no matter what their exact function title is. Through his experiences Michiel has found out that successful marketing organizations have one thing in common: they track, measure and report on all marketing campaign results. By doing this Michiel has sometimes saved budgets, that would have been wasted, and he has increased revenue by re-allocate budget to the most profitable campaigns.
Now he has put everything together in this course to assist Marketers in getting the best return out of their strategies and campaigns.
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