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Accountability For Results Driven Marketing

From business owner to marketing manager and CEO, we all agree that Marketing is ‘Key’ for a company’s strategy. However this does not mean that your marketing plan has a clear link with your company’s business plan. We are all seeking to grow in three
  • getting more customers; acquisition
  • increasing their life time value; retention
  • develop the share of wallet; up and cross selling

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‘Yes! Marketing Accountability’ will assist you to evaluate and control the marketing performance in order to optimize the usage of your marketing budgets. It is not just a matter of reporting what has happened afterwards, but it has become necessary to have a clear estimate in advance of launching your marketing activities.As the ‘accountability of marketing’ is growing in popularity, you will find more books related to a certain part of this subject. In this book the author presents you a more holistic approach, from the ‘Why’, through the ‘How’ to the ‘What’. With this book you will be able to organize accountable marketing in your company profitably.
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We make accountability of marketing accessible for marketers and business owners from all over the world. Our doors are open to all ages and we assume you are familiar with the basics of marketing. Our mission is to develop marketing, inspire creative passion, and increase marketing's self-esteem.
Accountable Marketing Expert is reseller for Plannuh as to automate your marketing processes. With this SAAS solution you will be able to focus on creativity, effectiveness and strategy. Which leaves you more time to run your strategies with better insights.
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