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Accountable Marketing Expert is reseller and agency partner for Plannuh as to automate your marketing processes. With this SAAS solution you will be able to focus on creativity, effectiveness and strategy. Which leaves you more time to run your strategies with better insights.

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Michiel L.J. van de Watering
Accountable Marketing Expert

Michiel started his company Accountable Marketing over 15 years ago after a prosperous career in the financial industry and consultancy. He has increased profitability as well at SME as Corporates. He has been specializing himself in the organization of accountability.
Guy R. Powell
Marketing Modeling Expert
Guy is the founder and president of ProRelevant, specializing in delivering critical, advanced analytics software and consulting to help global brands boost the company's top line. He is also the author of Marketing Calculator: Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment and the co-author of ROI of Social Media: How to Improve the Return on Your Social Marketing Investment. Guy and his team at ProRelevant are available for consulting, analytics and training on this and other strategic and tactical marketing topics.
Steven W. Groves
Social Media Expert

Steven is the CEO and lead consultant for Social Marketing Conversations. As author, podcaster, blogger and digital polymath, he has worked with some of the most remarkable brands in social marketing and social media. Steven - a thought-after speaker - opened the 2010 Phoenix SCORE Social Media Conference, the “Social & Traditional Marketing” track for the 2010 Online Marketing Summit and the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) Social Media Symposium in 2009. He has lectured for ASU in the Barrett’s Honors College for Entrepreneurial Education. text.
 Steve Rogers
Right People in the Right Jobs

Steve founded his company 'The Right People for The Right Job' as he wanted to match the team with the candidate and vise versa. He has consulted to organisations for 17 years. The main focus of his work has been people and the jobs they occupy. Twelve years ago, Steve started his own consultancy, Right People Right Job in Johannesburg, South Africa. His company’s mission is to assist clients anywhere in the world to put the right people into the right jobs. This is both about existing staff in current or future roles or about recruitment & selection to find the right people for clients.
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  • In Marketing Machine, Guy explains how to set up your measurements and model to manage marketing's ROI. This will lead to your marketing machine which makes you build and own the future.
  • In YES! Accountable Marketing, Michiel describes why one should bother at accountability in the first place. He shows you how to get your Pre/Post (incremental) ROI process running and ends with a 10 step plan to deploy accountability in your organization.

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